Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathrooms

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Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathrooms

When it comes to designing the bathroom, we tend to keep it simple and straight. We underestimate our heart’s desire and go with what we think will work well for our family. A bathroom is a place where we relax and pamper ourselves after a hectic day. So, why not add some charm to the bathroom and personalise it?

Here are some easy yet creative ideas to decorate your bathroom:

#1 Mix and match the swatches and patterns

Blending a lot of colours and matching too many patterns can be a scary thought for most of us. However, mixing decorative tiles of various patterns with a white base can be the safest choice for you. Combining two perfect tiles can be confusing, but if you mix four to five tiles with each other on a white or light base, your bathroom will look artistic, bright, and full of life.

If you are not fond of paintings and designs, you can go for colourful bathtubs and accessories. A tint of colour can add life to a dull bathroom. You can keep the base white or neutral and add some bright bathroom accessories, bathtubs and drawers that can reflect your love for colours.

#2 Go dark, Go bold

A black effect can add a lot of drama to your bathroom space. A dark wall with some artwork, paintings with bright white borders or designer mirrors and accessories can transform the look of the space. Some personal additions like a small plant of your choice or your favourite sculpture can bring out your personality into your bathroom.

To enhance the elegance of your bathroom, you can set up some dramatic, arborous and bold wallpaper behind your bathtub or below the shower. Wallpapers are easy to install and cost-effective as compared to traditional tiles. So, if you get bored of styles frequently and love upgrades, wallpapers in your bathroom is an excellent choice.

#3 Add statement furniture and LED downlights bathroom lighting

A set of furniture that is not meant for bathroom interiors can be the most creative idea of decorating the space. An unexpected furniture in your bathroom can bring out your innovative nature and out of the box thinking. Any furniture which is not supposed to be seen in the bathroom, like a vintage magazine rack, a table lamp, a small wooden ladder in place on towel hanger or an old bicycle can do the magic.

One of the most important parts of bathroom designing is its lighting. Using LED downlights bathroom can be an excellent choice for all your bathroom lighting needs. LED downlights bathroom are not only energy-effective and convenient they look nominal so that you can get a clean-lined and contemporary look in your bathroom.

LED downlights bathroom are warmer than other lights and the bathroom a cohesive look when combined with incandescent bulbs. The LED downlights bathroom lighting adds a style statement and reinforces the homeowner’s personality and style.