Testimonial 3

Induction Light Fittings

Testimonial 3

Garden City Plastics replaced their 400W High Bay fittings with our 200W Induction High Bays – Tempered Glass & this is what Grant (electrical supervisor) had to say:

“We have been undertaking a lighting changeover program. Replacing traditional 400W Highbay Light fittings in our factory’s production area, where quality lighting is essential for our quality control and work production processes.”

“We are using Ecoglow’s 200W Induction high bay fittings. There has been a noticeable improvement in the lighting quality and output, with the obvious power reduction from 400w to 200w.”

“Another key advantage is the instant re-start after power outages or power flickers; no longer waiting for 10-20 minute restart on Gaseous Discharge lighting i.e. Mercury Vapour and Metal Halide.”

“The Ecoglow Induction Light Fittings with their internal Surge suppression have been a reliable and high quality product.”


Products used:

Induction High Bay – Mirrored Reflector TG Lens (HB-IT200AC-3)

Induction High Bay – Mirrored Reflector TG Lens