How to use outdoor LED lighting to make your outdoor area’s shine

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How to use outdoor LED lighting to make your outdoor area’s shine

Is there anything better than relaxing outside on a warm Summer night with family and friends?

You can make your outdoor rooms and areas shine with different and creative LED lighting. The right lighting can also help you reflect a mood, for example, either cosy and intimate, or party time bright!

Here are three of Ecoglow’s favourite outdoor LED options.


1) Sconces

Sconces offer a result that is aesthetically elegant and adds a warm glow to your space. As you see in the picture below, shadows and blur effects projected around the shapes achieve a minimal and inviting decorated space look, with less decoration.

Outdoor Lighting
Choose Ecoglow LED Wall Fittings for a sophisticated and modern appearance for your outdoor area.

2) Recessed lighting

For something clever, select lights that change colour to adapt to the time of day. Or choose a warm toned light to set a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Ecoglow LED lights are so versatile, they provide both ambient and task lighting for just about any area in your home, allowing you to adjust the lighting so that it perfectly suits the mood you want to create.

Indoor Lighting

3) Walkways and stair riser lights

Stairs, corridors, and walkways must have good lighting to ensure the safe movement of family and friends who use these areas. Adding LED walkway and stair riser lights is a perfect and sophisticated way to decorate and highlight spaces.

Ecoglow’s LED outdoor range will enhance the decor of your outdoor areas with energy efficient, high quality and long-life lighting systems.

Extra lighting tip: An easy way to add charm to your yard is by adding different lighting models positioned at varying heights.

Make your outdoor areas the envy of your guests. Follow these simple ideas to enlighten the outside of your home and add timeless beauty to your outdoor entertaining and relaxing spaces.