Ecoglow Shines a Focus on three major 2017 Interior Trends

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Ecoglow Shines a Focus on three major 2017 Interior Trends

2017 is almost here, and the annual interior design trends are emerging. Look out for these three big trends if an interior renovation is on the cards for you in 2017.





Warm tones from the 80s are back, to replace the current cool tones of the last few years. Walls, floors, furniture and home details in natural matte finish achieves a warm, Mediterranean feel in the home. Pair Terracotta with dramatic lighting for a strong visual effect.


Interior design is moving towards featuring natural textures to bring harmony and nature inside our home. Cork is a stylish natural material that can be applied to tables, stools, and walls. With earthy tones and texture, cork is set to inspire creative spaces, making a true statement in your home. Ecoglow’s energy efficient LEDs are a perfect choice to complement natural materials.

Green Lamp


Keeping with the trend towards nature, the colour GREEN is set to explode in interior design, moving in to replace navy and blue tones. Fresh and natural will be the next trend in our homes – think indoor plants and flowers everywhere! We will also see green painted walls, green patterned furniture, and décor items. Think about adding a fresh splash of green to your home by updating pendant lights and lamps, and adding a green-hued floor rug or cushions.