bathroom lighting

Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathrooms

indoor pool

Indoor Pool Lighting

Ecoglow’s Induction Lights Suitability to Indoor Pool Environments Lighting an indoor pool is a challenging endeavour. Selection of the correct energy efficient light is critical to […]
Counterfeit Light Emitting diode

Counterfeit Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Technology

Discussion Paper – Counterfeit Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology. What you pay for is not always what you get. Why it’s critical that you only […]
EcoGlow | Outdoor LED lighting

How to use outdoor LED lighting to make your outdoor area’s shine

Is there anything better than relaxing outside on a warm Summer night with family and friends? You can make your outdoor rooms and areas shine with different and creative LED lighting.
EcoGlow | Interior Trends

Ecoglow Shines a Focus on three major 2017 Interior Trends

2017 is almost here, and the annual interior design trends are emerging. Look out for these three big trends if an interior renovation is on the cards for you in 2017.Terracotta Warm tones from the 80s are back