3 essential tips for designing your kitchen

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3 essential tips for designing your kitchen

Before you design a new home or remodel an existing one, investing in energy efficiency should be high on your priority list. When it comes to new technology, LED lighting is a no-brainer.These are five common questions our customers ask about how Ecoglow’s large choice of LED lighting can increase energy efficiency.

How creative can I be when selecting LED?

LED lighting solutions are now available across a variety of light fixtures in fabulous and creative styles. LED light fittings allow you to be far more creative than halogen fittings.

What quality of brightness is available from LED?

LED produces the same level of light that traditional fittings provide, while using far less energy. Traditionally, halogen light fittings were available in only warm white which provides a yellow tinged glow. With LED you can still provide a soft ambience in your home, whilst also having the option to select the colour of the light. What is the best type of white for different room?

Cool white light is highly effective in task light areas such as the kitchen and desk areas of the home. Daylight white LED’s are brighter againand great for bathrooms and outside areas. Cool white and Daylight white can also freshen up a room that has less natural light or add life to a dark corner.

A warm white glow is best for rooms where you want a softer effect, such as lounge and bedrooms. Select warm white for decorative lamps,chandelier and pendulum fittings.

Will LED lighting save me money?LED Light

LED lights save you in many ways, including…

  • LEDs use approx. 75% less energy – Saving you money in power costs.
  • LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs – Saving you time and money in replacement and waste.
  • LEDs provide equal or better light quality – Making it easy for you to use LED in all your rooms
  • LED lights produce less heat – Saving you money in cooling costs in summer.
  • LEDs offer a variety of basic and specialty bulbs to meet all your lighting needs – Giving you more options for less overall cost and better peace of mind.

Improving your home with LED lighting technology offers an economic and sustainable benefit, as well as many design and ambiance options.

What else can I do to be energy efficient?

Other simple options to improve the sustainable performance of your home include creating natural lighting, using good quality window coverings, sealing air leaks, and using underfloor and ceiling insulation.
Talk to your architect, builder or local lighting wholesaler about installing Ecoglow LED lighting today.