How to Install Down Lightings?

installing down lightings

How to Install Down Lightings?

Down lightings gained prominence over the last decade as a method for reducing light pollution and protect the environment. Down lights installations direct the light downwards and illuminate the intended area.

Important to note that we always recommend using a qualified electrician to install downlights.

It prevents light pollution by removing excessive and obtrusive lights and avoids the consequences of outdoor lighting such as glare and sky glow. In this article, we will share the steps to install down lightings.

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Steps to Install Down Lightings

Here they are:

#1 Materials

You will need a screwdriver, a ladder, a wire cutter (dikes), cable ties with mounting screw holes, an outdoor junction box, stainless steel screws, stainless steel hanger bolts, and fixture. Ensure that you only use stainless steel screws and hangar bolts because it does not contain carbon that can harm the trees. Stainless steel is inert.

Choose the length of the screws depending on the width of the tree bark. If the tree bark is thick, you need longer screws. Choose the fixture carefully as most of the common ones available in the market are suitable for up lighting and not down lighting. The fixture should provide protection against glares.

#2 Downlights Location

Select the area where you want to install the down lights.  Keep in mind that the lights should not spill over the neighbour’s yard. Consider the height of the down lights installation and the ‘beam spread’ of the light bulb to understand how much area the down lights will cover.

#3 Junction Box Mounting

Choose the tree and firmly place the ladder on the tree. Check the position of the ladder; it should not swivel when you are mounting the tree. The junction box should not be attached to the tree completely. Leave space between the tree and the box, giving the tree space to grow further. Use the stainless steel hangar bolts to position the junction box. Once the junction box is carefully placed, screw the fixture.

#4 Wiring

You will want to avoid the wires being visible from the primary viewing area. What you can do is wrap the wire around the tree and extend it from the backside. Move the ladder to the backside and attach the wire down the tree. Keep a distance of four feet between every wire attachment on the trees and continue till you reach the ground.

#5 Final Check

Before winding up the work, check whether the down lights are properly fixed on the intended area. Adjust the glare guards and turn on the lights for a final check.


The above downlights installation process is useful if you want to DIY. You can always opt for professional help to mount down lights. EcoGlow offers a free consultation to understand your downlights installation requirements and offer a specific solution.

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