bathroom lighting

Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathrooms

Battle of the Downlights – LED vs. Halogen

LED downlights provide a plethora of benefits in comparison to their bitter rivals, halogen downlights. Apart from reducing the power consumption by up to 89%, they […]
Lighting for equestrian arenas

Discussion Paper – Selecting lighting for sports and equestrian arenas

Modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights uses substantially less energy, and lasts much longer, than high pressure sodium and metal halide lights. In most cases, replacing […]
Model No. FLA-SH150W-V16_feature img

Commercial LED Lights: Choose the best LED High Bay Lights

Discussion Paper – Selecting LED HiBay lighting for commercial/industrial applications   Model No. FLA-SH150W-V16 Modern LED lights provide substantial advantages over traditional lighting like high pressure […]
indoor pool

Indoor Pool Lighting

Ecoglow’s Induction Lights Suitability to Indoor Pool Environments Lighting an indoor pool is a challenging endeavour. Selection of the correct energy efficient light is critical to […]