What Should a Buyer Consider While Buying LED Commercial Lights?

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What Should a Buyer Consider While Buying LED Commercial Lights?

LED lights, for both commercial and retail purposes, revolutionised the way people consumed energy and delivered a cost-effective method for indoor and outdoor lighting. There are numerous reasons for the market shift towards LED lighting. Energy saving demand from hospitality, retail, healthcare and IT sectors is the primary factor for energy efficiency regulations.

LED lights are the eco-friendliest source of lighting available in the market. It offers a variety of choices for residential, retail and commercial light. However, it is not easy to choose the right product for your commercial needs.

Know your needs and customise

LED lights are available in a range of tube lights to strip lights and, from spotlights to downlights. A buyer should be aware of specific needs to find the right product for particular commercial usage. Evaluate your requirements, do a market analysis and select the best product.

Commercial light manufacturers have introduced the option of customization. Manufacturers help customers with customised designing and development of LED lights for various commercial purposes. As per your needs, LED commercial light is designed with adjustments in colour temperature, lighting levels and light distribution.

With certain technological advancements, manufacturers can provide variation in industrial lights without compromising the quality. The light casings, housings and enclosures can be designed as per the requirements of the customer. You can also order for customised rivets and fixtures. The manufacturers make sure there is no compromise in the quality of the product as it may affect the efficiency and lifespan of the commercial light.

What is the market demand?

Advancement in technology even gives you the option to change the colour of LED by connecting it to a Wi-Fi. You can also switch on/off the lights and dim them with the use of Wi-Fi. Some of the most popular LEDs in the commercial light segment are down lights, street light, tube light, flat panel light, LED bulb and high bay lights. These energy efficient lights are entering the market of retail and commercial light at a breakneck pace.

Latest advancements in the market

Technological advancements, LED designing and LED manufacturing functions simultaneously. The LED technology monopolised the market in last few years with their applicability, affordability and easy availability. Every year LED lights are improving with regards to technology and affordability.

LED commercial lights are not only about energy efficiency. They are a pack of electrical, mechanical and optical designs with a guarantee of long durability. With every passing year the light output, efficacy (lumens per watt), lifespan, stability and colour quality of commercial light segment is improving remarkably.

For more systematic thermal management LED manufacturers have gradually improved the ceramic packages. LED commercial light efficiency improvement is a result of advanced chip technology application. Other important compounds that enhance the competence of these lights are improved secondary lens, diffusers and reflector technology. These improved features help in generating high-quality lighting, with no energy wastage and no shade. With the advanced LED lights, you get a more efficient and widespread lumen output.

Customer’s Choice

There are many manufacturers in the market offering LEDs for commercial purposes, with various features, specifications and technologies. However, before choosing any LED light, a buyer should ask some questions about the quality of the product, details about the design of the fixture, life expectancy, efficiency, illumination thermal management and price of the light as well as the fixture.

It is imperative to know the credibility of the manufacturer, as there are some basic rules and regulations that every LED manufacturer should follow. Do not forget to check the warranty period and reputation of the manufacturer in the market.

Ensure that the LED product you choose is a power LED. Small chip LEDs are not recommended for continuous commercial usage, as they do not have thermal management properties.

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