Battle of the Downlights – LED vs. Halogen

Battle of the Downlights – LED vs. Halogen

LED downlights provide a plethora of benefits in comparison to their bitter rivals, halogen downlights. Apart from reducing the power consumption by up to 89%, they are easy to maintain, durable and occupy a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That’s right, 50,000 hours! Halogen downlights on the other hand, maintain a significantly smaller lifespan of just 2,000 hours. They don’t even put up a fight!
Assume your halogen downlights are active for an aggregate of 5 hours a day, every day. They would last just over one year. Now, assume an identical situation for your LED downlights, operational for 5 hours a day, every day. The LED downlights have the ability to function up to 27 years. If I’m not mistaken, that’s up to 26 more years more than their competition. Now, I was going to discuss the cost effectiveness of purchasing LED downlights rather than Halogen downlights, but must I repeat myself?

I will anyway. You think the costs of infrastructure and the carbon tax are your culprits for your expensive power bills? Think again! You think those tears seeping from your eyes are from cutting onions? Think again! Actually, that may be the reason. However, those halogen downlights allowing you to cut those onions aren’t doing you any favours. Let’s consider the potential savings.
Now, assuming your ideal lumen* output is roughly 900Lm, the downlight is operational for 5 hours a day and the standard home tariff is approximately $0.24kwh, let’s compare the difference.

Light type LED Downlight (10W) Halogen Downlight (50W)
Cost per year (1 light) $5 $22
Cost per year (10 lights) $44 $219
Cost per year (20 lights) $88 $437

Comparison of 20 downlights – LED vs. Halogen

The facts speak for themselves. If you had a single LED downlight instead of a single halogen downlight, you could be saving $17 per year on your electricity bill. That’s for one downlight! Now imagine you’ve got 10 downlights (which is still a reasonably small number for a modern home), you could be saving $175 per year on your electricity bill.

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I know I should end the discussion here, but I won’t. Not only are LED downlights more cost effective, durable and longer lasting, but they’re even safer than traditional halogen downlights. Halogen downlights emit serious amounts of heat when switched on, which has been known to cause fires. Although this has reduced, as new halogen lights now feature protection over the rear of the light to help prevent fires from occurring. But are you aware whether your halogen lights have this protection…?

It’s easy to determine who the real winner is between the battles of the downlights. But let me summarise it for you one last time.

Light type LED Downlight Halogen Downlight
Longer lifetime

Greater cost effectiveness



*Lumens measure the total amount of visible light from a light source (from the human eye)