Ecoglow is a Melbourne based company dedicated to supplying quality, energy efficient LED and Induction lighting for the Australian market.



Ecoglow Australia commenced operations in 2010. Based in Melbourne, we supply customers Australia-wide, offering a range of energy efficient residential, commercial and industrial lighting products including LED Downlights, LED Flood Lights and Induction High Bay lighting.



Ecoglow stays at the forefront of current available lighting technologies by regularly attending major international lighting fairs. We apply the latest energy efficient lighting technologies to current market requirements to provide our customers with innovative product which can also be tailor designed to suit our customer’s individual requests.


Ecoglow’s customers are highly confident with Ecoglow’s product quality as Ecoglow works with reputable suppliers and electrical engineers to ensure all products meet relevant Australian standards, are suited to Australia’s 240V electrical infrastructure and can withstand harsh Australian conditions i.e. including surges, transient voltages, high temperatures and vast travel distances.



Ecoglow’s friendly & helpful staff provide our customers with exceptional customer service including fast Australia wide delivery time which is a fundamental commitment to our customers.


  • 6W LED downlight kits
    The Ecoglow 6W LED downlight kits look great in the new homes in the JG King Projects Cavanagh st, Cheltenham apartment block.
    JG King Projects
  • Induction Lights
    Monthly Electricity Bill Was $4,500 Now $2,500 I highly recommend Ecoglow Induction Lights
    Mal Jebb
    Action (Doncaster) Indoor Sports Center
  • Induction Light Fittings
    We have been undertaking a lighting changeover program. Replacing traditional 400W Highbay Light fittings in our factory’s production area, where quality lighting is essential for our quality control and work production processes. We are using Ecoglow’s 200 watt Induction high bay fittings. There has been a noticeable improvement in the lighting quality and output, with the obvious power reduction from 400w to 200w. Another key advantage is the instant re-start after power outages or power flickers; no longer waiting for 10-20 minute restart on Gaseous Discharge lighting i.e. Mercury Vapour and Metal Halide. The Ecoglow Induction Light Fittings with their internal Surge suppression have been a reliable and high quality product.
    Grant Cobb
    Electrical Supervisor, Garden City Plastics.
  • Adam Renaud
    I just thought I’d drop you a line and mention that we are having a lot of positive feedback on the changes you have made to your energy efficient GU10 LED downlight fittings from our men. They have become even easier to use and take lamps out etc and our guys are loving them. We will be using and recommending your fitting as our number one choice unless specified by the builder otherwise.
    Adam Renaud
    G & G South Eastern Electrical

LED lighting benefits

Ecoglow’s LED Lights comply with new building codes which allows only 5W per Square meter indoors, 4W in the garage and 3W under verandas and El Frescos.
  • LED Lights help achieve 6 and 7 STAR Home Energy Efficiency Rating.
  • LED Lights have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours lasting 25 times longer than halogens.
  • LED Lighting can save you over 90% on your lighting bill.
  • LED Lights save you money, guaranteed.
  • LED Lights are low maintenance.
  • LED lighting produces a fraction of the heat that a standard halogen lamp produces.
  • LED Lights contain no hazardous mercury.
  • LED lighting creates far less carbon emissions.
  • LED lighting does not produce harmful UV rays which can discolor furniture and upholstery.
Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting Benefits

Induction lighting is recommended for industrial and commercial applications for the following reasons:
  • Induction lighting is the energy efficient alternative to metal halides, mercury vapors and sodium vapors.
  • Induction lights produce more light output than mercury vapors, metal halides and sodium vapors whilst using less than half the power.
  • Induction lighting lasts 100,000 hours, twice as long as LED Lighting and approximately 50 times longer than metal halides
    Induction lighting has an instant start up time with no cool down period required, therefore can be used on a sensor system such as security lighting.
  • Induction lights are low maintenance which cuts costs on maintenance and cost for replacement.
  • Ecoglow Induction lights have a Color Rendering Index >80: therefore colours are brighter and more vivid.
  • Induction lighting is brighter than energy inefficient metal halides, high pressure sodium and mercury vapors according to the photopic/scotopic ratios. please see ‘induction Guide’ for more information.